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Party Life
Here we present unique experiences from the wild partylife around the world.

"Life" in Las Vegas alive and kickin’ - USA

- Where else on earth can one walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Luxor Pyramid in just one day?

- Where else can one experience the scenic canals of Venice and the architecture of Monte Carlo as they mingle with Elvis?

- Where else but Las Vegas can one experience the extremes of The "Sahara" desert and tropics of "Rio"....

Only in Vegas, baby....
Photo. Las Vegas at night. © Josh Cutler.

Here in the once barren Nevada desert mankind has erected a shrine of neon indulgence. The glitz and glamour sprawls out over the Las Vegas strip as each casino attempts to "one up" each other.

Whether one considers Las Vegas an adult Disney World or a crazy world of "kitsch"…everyone who visits this gaming Mecca is blown away by the sheer magnitude of what man can create from absolutely nothing.

Vegas comes alive as nightfall washes over the town… Millions of coloured lights illuminate the desert sky…flicking & flashing every colour of the rainbow. The sidewalks ooze with every walk of life.


Photo. A castle illuminated at night time. © Josh Cutler.

Western cowboys mingle with high rollers from LA...as Japanese tourists snap pictures of every city corner. Where else...but Las Vegas.

Photo. Las Vegas is the city where you can find casinos everywhere. © Josh Cutler.

Each casino attempts to "one up" each other.

Bellagio's massive fountains are the definite highlight of the Vegas strip. Bursts of water sway to the rhythm of classical music. The result is a choreographed visual feast. The Bellagio fountains can make even the toughest Vegas critic leave with their mouth gaped in utter amazement.

Photo. Bellagio's massive fountains are the definite highlight.
© Josh Cutler.

Who knew man could teach water to dance…

Photo. Colourful fountains in Las Vegas are popular entertainment.
© Josh Cutler.


Further down the road is Fremont Street (old Vegas). It glows intensely, proving that although its theme is dated, it still has a lot of life left to live. Here on Freemont Street, lays the old haunts of Frank Sinatra and his Brat Pack, Elvis & early Hollywood. The feel of this Vegas section is older and retro…but it's not quite retired.

The main attraction of old Vegas is the Freemont Street Experience. It utilizes the largest television screen on the entire planet…stretching three city blocks long!!

The best part is…its on the ceiling! Once an hour, Fremont Street casts an animated technicolour movie overhead creating a neck-ache for thousands of wide eyed tourists. I was in total awe of man's greatest virtual reality light show.

Photos. The Freemont Street Experience - an great virtual reality light show. © Josh Cutler.

Billboards jostle for space along the roadside, advertising everything from the latest Cirque du Soliel show to drive through wedding chapels. Skin is definitely in...I've never seen so many billboards of naked people in my life. This is definitely Sin City...with a capital S! Not that I counted...but the Vegas phone book has 136 pages devoted soley to Escort services!

Photos. The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
© Josh Cutler.

Photo. The Eiffel tower in Las Vegas.

Where else on earth can one walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Luxor Pyramid in just one day?

Vegas isn't for everyone...but its definitely a city everyone should visit at least once in their lives. It's a place where dreams are made and broken every day.

Viva Las Vegas the saying goes…

In my opinion…

"Life" in Las Vegas is definitely alive and kickin'

Josh Cutler, 3 March 2005

Additional information
Las Vegas is the real party city and neon oasis in USA. It`s very popular for gambling, entertainments, weddings, honeymoons, stagg- and hen parties and other kind of parties. It`s located in the southern part of the state of Nevada, about 80km (50mi) east of the California border and 50km (30mi) west of the Arizona border.

This "desert mirage" is divided into two main parts: a compact downtown called Glitter Gulch, centred on the intersection of Highway 95 and Interstate 15; and The Strip, a corridor of hotels and casinos lining Interstate 15 a few kilometres south of downtown.

Experience more of the Sin City`s highlights and lowlights. Explore the opulent casinos or go sightseeing with your family. Around Las Vegas there is also much to experience. Use your opportunity to enjoy spectacular floor shows, but also to hike in the exciting wind- and water-carved landscapes of the southwest's red rock desert. Don`t miss Grand Canyon. You can also visit the famous Hoover Dam.

Facts about Las Vegas:
Area: 293 sq km
Population: 478,400
Country: USA
Time Zone: GMT/UTC -8 (Pacific Time)
Telephone Area Code: 702

Presentation of the author:

Josh Cutler has been interested in travel as far back as age 5. Growing up, he would spend countless hours reading and rereading the world atlas. While most other children played with Star Wars figures and Big Wheel Bikes, Josh's favourite toy was his globe. His country of origin is the USA (from the Philadelphia area). He currently lives in Ventnor, New Jersey.

His first travels led him to Mexico and Central America. Then, at age 25 he quit his job and spent months exploring Western Europe and North Africa. It was a life altering experience to live out of a back pack for such an extended period of time. As much as he saw...his hunger for travel and exploration seemed to grow larger.

Photo. Josh Cutler is an adventure traveller, photograph and freelance journalist from USA.


Josh's other passion was travel writing. He has had several articles published by Lonely Planet and Globe Trekker."My greatest joy is experiencing different cultures, religions and lifestyles...then being able to convey my visions through words and description to those back home."


Josh has visited over twenty countries including Peru, Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, Belize, Guatemala and most of Europe. For further information, assignments, articles and photos, Josh Cutler could be contacted on e-mail: NYCutler@aol.com.

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