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Party Life
Here we present unique experiences from the wild partylife around the world.

Playing the wild rover in Dublin’s pubs - Part 2

· O'Donoghue's, the Brazen Head, Johnny Fox`s
· Guiness, Jameson
· Pogues, U2, Waterboys, Dubliners
· William B. Yeats, James Joyce
· Jack`s heroes (soccer)
· Irish hunting ladies
Dublin is the place where you can live life to the fullest. For me it started with a drink and ended with a drink. As far as I can remember; I was happy whole the time. Nothing can compares with pubs in Ireland, especially not some pubs in Dublin.

Locals took good care of us Black bear? Do you have balls for this? Local pub guests tried to cool me down and said; just swallow it! Don't worry, you don't pee black!

Sláinte ("toast" in Irish)! I said, and drank the heavy bear, with the black body and white head, which I never regret. An another method I used to taste the quality, I wrote the initials of my name on the cream top. The letters stood there for a while after I started drinking the bear. This indicated that the quality was good. I drank a lot Guinness and didn't spit in the glass. The craic was good as the Irish say. It means that the atmosphere was especially good.

I was socked in to the unique atmosphere. I'd mingled perfect with the dense crowd of people and felt immediately that I had something in common with them. Some of the pubs are so fully packed sometimes that you almost can't move or breathe.

Irish folk wisdom as example "friends are better than gold, and "friendship is good though separation is painful". The Irish have also another slogan, which they live up to: "There are no strangers, only friends who you have not met". In Ireland you find most people very friendly, eager to help, keen to talk to you about where you come from and what life is like there. They talk to you, as they have known you whole the life. Always sincere and with the best intentions.

Photo. Friendly talk with locals.

There is no disadvantage to be a foreigner in Irish pubs. Show your best attitude and you will be lifted to heights. Music, poems and jokes will touch you. Tears will come. The emotional vibrations are strong. You will feel the happiness inside you that you never have felt before, and then you will understand: Irish people and pubs are something unique.

Irish hunting ladies An Irish proverb says that a bad woman knows a foolish man`s faults. Fornutately for us the Irish girls overlooked our faults and weaknesses. Where there are woman there`s talking, and where there`s geese there`s cackling. We said, "how are you?" and then the cackling started immediately.

Photo. Nice Irish hunting ladies took good care of us.

Some Irish girls like hunting on horses and they shoot well too. Most Irish girls are very pretty and nice, but try to imagine that you were the fox. Then you are in big trouble and should stay on a certain distance. For god sake; be careful. A special kind of Irish hunting girls shoot first and ask later. The most important is to distinguish between the horses who hunt and the girls who ride them. Sometimes it`s not easy to see and hear the difference, especially not after some pints. Since I find it difficult to talk to horses, and since I am afraid of women who shoot, I tell them clearly that I am not a fox and hope the best. But you never know with women!

Photo. An danger Irish hunting lady fully equipped (taken from the book "Jokes from the pubs o f Ireland - James N. Healy).

Playing the Irish police Some policemen showed up when the pub Brazen Head closed, but it was not any dramatic situation. In Ireland people say that the most wasted of all days is the one in which they have not laughed. Hal Roach, an Irish comedian, says that laughter is like a light in the window to show that the heart is at home. Our heart was definitely at home that evening. With this in my mind, I was holy convinced that the policeman that we met outside the Brazen Head pub, had this in his mindset too. So we took the chance to have some fun with him.

Photo. Playing with the Irish Police.

Fortunately for us was the police in good mood too. We got on very well with the policeman despite we removed his cap little bit. No arresting was necessary. We kept our control, almost!

Irish people have the right attitude "Jack's heroes" has been my favourite national team for years. This was Ireland's successful national team in the 90`s, also called the boys in green. These heroes beat some of the best teams in the world. Well supported by their enthusiastic supporters, the team played wonderful football during the Word Cup finale play in Italy in 1990 and in US in 1994.

They gave everything for their country. They are not lazy overpaid players, but players who play with their heart for their beloved country; IRELAND. Thanks to the supporters` great skills to sing, entertain, build good relation with other people, and spread happiness, Irish people become even more popular around the world during the Word cup finale play in Italy and US. It is said that the Italians were so impressed by the Irish supporters that spent their next holiday in Ireland. I am absolute sure that they also had a good time there.

Photo. The Irish give everything for their below country.

With all the movements at the pubs there is a lot of spelling. What I will call alcohol misuse! When I woke up the day after I noticed that my clothes have changed colour. At least they had many black and yellow spots all over.

This article continues in part 3. Read more about experiences, pubs, beer and more. See also photo from the party life in Dublin.

Stein Morten Lund, 2 October 2001 Additional information and related links Read more about Dublin's pubs, bear and the party life there:

- Dublin Pub Review (Chris Zimmermann): http://users.powernet.co.uk/platinum/dpubs2.html - The real Dublin pub guide: http://www.dublinpubs.net/ - Information on attractions, events and accommodations and more in Dublin: www.visitdublin.com

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