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Books & Films
Here we present the most exciting books and films. Save space in your travel bag. These books (and films) should be a part of you backpack.

Peer Gynt – Henrik Ibsen

A dramatic poem from an unknown world
- Gigant trolls of forest and mountain - Creatures of the lower world - Gnomes - Danger seductive Hulders (kind of witches) - Witchcraft (sorcery) - Travelling out in the big world - International capitalism Power politics and culture aggression Arab sheiks and more

These are the main ingredients in the superb book. For they who find travelling and explorations boring in the today's real world this book can be an exciting and "funny" alternative.

Photo: Cover of the book about Peer Gynt.

What kind of latent tendencies has Peer Gynt? The book is a social satire where the main character Peer Gynt explores an unknown world and learns about life. Actual he is a real adventurer and sometimes also behaves as a playboy. Will he manage to find himself in this chaotic world?

The world famous Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen wrote this magnificent poem accompanied by the music of another famous Norwegian Edvard Grieg. It was first published in 1867.

The dialog and the powerful language make the book incredible lively. Peer Gynt is half-mythological and half-fairy-tale figure who lives in the modern world, but not with out ambitions to explore exciting places far out from his local surroundings. Henrik Ibsen based his book on a true person who grew up in Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen (Norway). Here you find his kingdom with a beautiful nature that will spellbind you. Maybe that is because the Trolls enjoy themselves so much up there?

Peder Olson Hage, on whom Henrik Ibsen probably based his character, lived at Haga farm in Sodorp near Vinstra. More recently research indicate that Per Laurissen Hage, who lived on the farm during the 1600s, was more likely source of inspiration for Ibsen`s Peer Gynt.

For they who like to obtain inspiration from a different world, can find many of them in the book about the cosmopolitan Peer Gynt. But I warn you: watch up for the disreputable Norwegian Trolls! But don't worry too much: they only eat you once!

Stein Morten Lund, 15 September 2000

PS. I am also from Vinstra - kindom of Peer Gynt!

Many things have changed since Peer Gynt lived, but Vinstra is still a place with several myths and historical grounds. The scenery is so enormous that I am still convinced that there are still Trolls in the area. If you look carefully enough you will probably see some of them. Rule number one: never walk alone there!

The Peer Gynt collection at Vinstra (Gudbrandsalen in Norway): The Per Gynt is an exhibition based on Henrik Ibsen`s world famous play, Per Gynt. Here you can meet the historical Per and the literary Peer.

The exhibition presents Peer Gynt`s international reputation, in form of stage photographs, posters, programmes, costumes, books, etc. from productions in many different countries. The exhibition is displayed at Peer Gynt Stugu (old wooden house) from 1743 - a house from the farm where the historical Per lived.
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