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Belgrade, Serbia - Secrets in the underground world

Belgrade,tunnels,hidden secrets underground

Over the centuries, attackers and defenders have carved a vast network of underground tunnels, fortifications, storage areas, command posts and bunkers beneath Belgrade. Now it was time for me to take a closer look. Especially I found the the Belgrade fortress interesting. 

Photo. The Belgrade fortress and sourroundings hides many secrets underground. © Travel Explorations.

During my stay from 4th to 7th May 2017 I wanted to follow the country`s paths of the history underground. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has a rich history and many underground tunnels, chambers, and hidden spaces that are associated with various historical events and legends. While some of these places are accessible to the public, others may remain undiscovered or are not open for exploration due to safety concerns. 

The most interesting way to discover the hidden secrets of Belgrade fortress and it's long and dramatic history, is to explore it's underground. The biggest mysteries are hidden here. The Belgrade Fortress covers two thousand years of history. The purpose of some already discovered tunnels and chambers have so far not been fully explored. I guess some more mysteries could be solved here, but since the site is beneath the city it would be limited opportunites to explore it fully. Who knows! 

The Belgrade Fortress is built on a white ridge above the confluence of two big rivers, destroyed and rebuilt over and over for 16 centuries, still stands as the symbol of Serbia’s capital.Belgrade  The fortress, also called the Kalemegdan Fortress, is known for its extensive underground passages and tunnels. Some of these tunnels were used for military purposes, while others are now used for art exhibitions and cultural events. The fortress also houses the Military Museum, which has underground chambers displaying historical artifacts and exhibitions. It was real nice taking a tour to Upper and Lower Town of the Belgrade fortress and stroll through the Kalemegdan park. In the shadow of high towers I felt the spirit of history that is still alive in this place. The “Victor” monument – victor over time, oversees the rivers and guards the river banks. What I found more interesting was the hidden secrets underground. In Belgrade's more than 1,000-year history, Celts, Romans, Huns, Slavic tribes, Byzantines, Hungarians, Ottoman Turks, Serbs, Austro-Hungarians and Germans have tried to dominate the strategically important confluence of rivers Sava and Danube, considered to be the gateway to Europe.

Many mysteries are connected to this fortress. At the Army bunker - from the time of the Cold War after the World War 2, I learned about some of the President Tito's political games between great countries. At my stop in Gunpowder warehouse I got the chance to touch the walls of the cave which Austrians built as the part of the fortress. It served as the defense of Christian Europe against Turkish Empire. This warehouse is also an exhibition place where I could see sarcophaguses and altars collected from different archeological sites on Serbian territory. 

Underground Belgrade usually comes to light only during construction when heavy machinery breaks through the brick walls or limestone caverns, sometimes even exposing waterways dating back to Roman domination of the Balkans. So what can be expect be discovered in the future? Time will show!

Stein Morten Lund, 13th May 2017

Additional information
Belgrade's vast underground world a mystery to most (source: Reuters). 

Please, be aware of, the access to some underground areas may be restricted or require guided tours. Additionally, the availability of tours and access to certain locations may change over time, so I recommend checking with local tourist authorities or tour operators for the most up-to-date information for they who are interested in exploring these underground and secret spaces in Belgrade.

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