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Here we present the world`s biggest mysteries. Humans` search lead to the most amazing experiences, explorations and discoveries.

Are Shakespeare`s manuscripts hidden under Oak Island? Questions and comments!

The Norwegican code cracker Petter Amundsen claims that Shakespeare is not Shakespeare! Who is Shakespeare then? Who has written the world famous plays if it`s not Shakespeare? And what has this to do with the mystery on Oak Island?
Petter Amundsen,Shakespeare codes,Shakespeare,Oak IslandPhoto. Image from the documentary called Sweet Swan of Avon, displayed on NRK, Norwegian Broadcastin.

Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? The Norwegian Broadcasting NRK is today displaying the 4th and last part of the documentary called Sweet Swan of Avon - The Shakespeare Treasure in 4 parts.

On the 3rd and previous part of the documentary Petter Amundsen found two mysterious shaped stones underground on Oak Island based on what he had pointed out on a map. He overlooked some marks on these stones, but when he came back to Norway he noticed these marks after looking thouroughly at the video recording.

Some questions and comments:

- Why are Shakespear`s manuscripts hidden? The manuscripts have never been found? Are they lost or are they hidden? Eventually why are they hidden?

- Wouldn’t it be an easier and safer place to hide the manuscripts other places than bury them deep in shafts and tunnels on Oak Island?

Oak Island is filled with shafts, tunnels, mysterious stones and symbols on branches. It’s also said to be other tunnels connected to neighbouring islands.

- Why did Mark Twain doubt Shakespeare`s authorship?

"To write with powerful effect, he must write out the life he has led– as did Bacon when he wrote Shakespeare." Mark Twain

All so called experts in the documentary deny to comments Petter Amundsen`s theory about Shakespeare, but the world famous author Mark Twain doubted that Shakespeare was the real author of the plays.

Petter Amundsen gets some support from Mark Twain: In the book Shakespeare Dead? Twain clearly states his opinion that Shakespeare of Stratford was not the author of the canon, and lends tentative support to the Baconians.

The book "Shakespeare Dead?" is a short, semi-autobiographical work by American humorist Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. It studies the controversy over the authorship of the Shakespearean literary canon via satire, anecdote, and extensive quotation of contemporary authors on the subject.

The Shakespeare Code by Virginia M. Fellows (book released July 2006). It`s about revealing of hidden codes related to the works of Shakespeare! The book reads like a Shakespearean tale complete with mystery, villains, false identities, foiled fates and star-crossed lovers. It would be interesting to see Petter Amundsen revealing new secrets about Shakespeare`s code and what’s hiding underground on Oak Island today on Norwegian TV NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting.

Stein Morten Lund, 29 December 2009

Additional information Read more about Shakespeare`s code and the Oak Island mystery on our global travelguide Travel Explorations: www.TravelExplorations.com
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