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Akershus fortress - Evening ghost walk in the old town of Oslo, Norway

Akershus fortress,old gate,Oslo,Norway,Akershus festning

The area is full packed with creepy stories that have made deep marks, especially at Akershus festning - a place for restless spirits. This fortress is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Norway, and I can understand why.

Photo. In the Middle Ages, the only entrance to the Akershus fortress was through a long, dark gate in Jomfrutårnet, the Tower of Virgin Mary.

Just to let you know: the fortress is today a military area guarded both by soldiers from Majesty the Kings Guard and spirits from old time. Therefore I decided to  not go first and not last in the group on the walking tour. If a noticed a push, got an aching head, sad feeling and sorrow, it might be something. Or if I got a sight of something moving or hearing something strange: it might be a mouse, rat or a snake, or in worst case: a ghost! Maybe an evil one too!

We started the creepy walk through the streets of old Christiania and so we ventured into Akershus fortress! When you walk around in Akershus fortress, Oslo, beware that numerous ghostly sightings, strange shadows on the walls, and screaming voices have been reported. There is a lot of energy here. Especially beware of a huge black dog that goes again. According to the legend, workers on King's Castle buried a living dog thought to bring them good luck. To their despair, the dog returned as a ghost and brought misfortunes to anyone who saw it in his eyes - including death. Today it is known as "Malcanisen", the dog who hides in the basement.

One of the most scary ghosts in Akerhus festning is a huge black dog called "Malcanisen". It means "The Vicious Dog" - the Evil Dog. It is said that the soldiers of the fort was terrified every time the ghost appeared. The dog was buried alive in Maiden's Tower on the east side of the fortress. This tower was the old main entrance to the castle.

Another creepy story is about the burning women, called "Nightpyres", who were visible before any fire on the fort. Nightpyres are baby sized females, who is said that to have ugly grin and a ghastly laughter. Because of this it has been several false fire warnings.

If you hear a voice whispering in your ear when crossing the bridge leading into the Akershus fortress, don't answer because it could be a ghost. It might offer you help to cross the brigde, but it`s not a gentleman. It might be the old gatekeeper, and he has no good intentions.

The Swedish have tried to conquere the fortress eight times without success. The first time was in 1308, and the last time in 1716. They never managed it. Norwegians enjoy telling jokes about the Swedish, and this one sounds almost like a "Swedish joke". A story is a from a battle against the Swedish is about a frustrated Swedish soldier. He was also said to be drunk when rode alone against the fortress walls, cursing and screaming that he was going to conquer Norway. The Norwegian soldiers shot both him and his horse, and the horse’s ghost has scared many since that time. It`s said to be buried inside the fortress near the old gate.

Akershus Fortress is full of amazing stories. It`s Norway's most important medieval monument, built around 1300. Its overlooking the harbor. The fortress is used today for state occasions. The Akershus Castle contains dungeons, plush upper floors with banquet halls and staterooms, and the chapel used for royal events.

Many bloody battles have been fought here. It was built during the 13th Century, and several hundred years later it served as a prison. Many people lost their lives at that time, and even more were here executed by Nazis during World War II.

Akershus Fortress is overlooking the harbour and Oslofjord. Akershus Castle is currently used as the government's premier representation room. In the church church there are regularly open worship services with opportunities for childbirth, and persons affiliated with the Armed Forces can use Akershus Castle Church for weddings.

The area is still a military fortress under a commander, and daily guard is guarded by His Majesty King's Guard. The fortress is salutary and salutes on special solemn occasions. The Defense Museum, the Norwegian Home Front Museum and the integrated management of the Armed Forces have premises at Akershus fortress.

Walking around the fortress can be experienced as a historic walk in our history from the Middle Ages to today. Here are remains from the medieval castle, with the rooms that were part of former king's residence, long narrow times, magnificent halls as well as gloomy dungeons. Hardly any other building in Norway has played such a central role in our history - and still does. The castle has survived many attacks, but has never been conquered in battle.

The tour was a chilling way to experience the amazing fortress and its beautiful area. Whether you want to search for lost souls, or just taking walk here, it`s a real interesting. On the tour we learned about the capital's paranormal history through the ages. I visited historical buildings, monuments and cobbled streets where ghosts are known to lurk.

Stein Morten Lund, 5th June 2018

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