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10 years since the Spion Kop (2004) - Anfield Road, Liverpool F.C.!

Those where the days! Football filled with extreme passion! Players with guts. Supporting audience with a power that never has seen before. I was there on Saturday 30th April 1994 to say goodbye to the world`s most famous section of stadium. I can remember it as it was yesterday. It was the final game for the Kop, the famous and fearful non-seated part of Liverpool's holy stadium Anfield Road. It will be gone forever. Liverpool F.C. in England lost its heart and soul, and would never be the same.

Photo. The one of the last matches on the front of the Spion Kop the 20 April 1991 when Liverpool played against Norwich City.

The turning point
For Liverpool F.C it was the turning point. It started this day against Norwich. Maybe it started little bit before because the great player and manager Kenny Daglish suddenly retired. He made the football in the club more successful than ever as a manager.

But so came Graham Souness, an earlier also great player on Liverpool. Souness` first match for Liverpool as a manager for Liverpool was against Norwich 20 April 1991. On one of the final occasions in front of a standing Kop. Liverpool won 3-0 this day, but the performence was poor. Souness` incredible number of purchases of players didn't bring Liverpool any further. I and my friends sat on the long side, viewing a quite Kop. Liverpool won comfortable against Norwich without impressing. Was the glory days over? After the match we felt that an era in Liverpool Football Club had come to an end. The Kop brought out the best of the players, and broke down the opponents. Now times had changed.  

Anfield has been all-seater since the mid 1990s, when the Spion Kop was rebuilt two years after the completion of the Centenary Stand on the southern side of the stadium.

Photo. The new manager Graham Souness enters the ground for the first time as a manager for Liverpool F.C., and it was the last match for the Kop. Was it a coincidence or was it beginning of the fall of Liverpool F. C.?


The memory live

One soul and 16.000 voices. In the good old days the capacity was up to 30,000 enthusiastic fans! The 16.000 fans on the Kop didn't need a conductor (of the choir) to sing perfect along. It was like invisible spiritual bonds (links) between the supporters. Their singing was a musical sensation. They knew intuitively when to start and finish a song. It was not an organised ritual. They sung along as the best choir. When I think back on my great experiences, it still send shivers down my spine.


Every one knows the texture. And when they sing the song You`ll Never walk alone, emotional vibrations become strong, and it is impossible to be untouched. It sends shivers down your spine and people get tears in their eyes. This song is actually more than a football song. It generates thoughts about the society and all things that hit you in life.


Also the players get strongly affected of the fantastic atmosphere there. It encourages the home team, and sometimes the crowd frighten the away team`s players almost to death with their big roars. The players became at least paralysed, and didn't know what do to with the ball.


As a Liverpool-supporter, Stephen Kelly, said it (Liverpool Echo: icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk): "I'm tempted to say that it has never been quite the same since but that would be totally disrespectful to all those who died at Hillsborough. And anyhow, if you were present at those clashes against Roma and Barcelona in more recent years you would know, for sure, that the seated Kop can be every bit as noisy and intimidating as the days when 27,000 stood on the Kop. Well, almost".


Everyone has their own special memory of Kop, especially of the Kop. This one is for me definitely a sad memory. I think I have many others with me here, but time changes and it's always need for development. The decision about rebuilding the Kop was avoidable regarding need for safety precautions. Liverpool has as known been involved in big tragedies where football supporters have lost their life.


At the moment it's a debate about a new stadium for Liverpool F.C. According to the website Liverpool Echo, people are being given another chance to have their say on Liverpool Football Club's plans for a new Anfield. The city council will reopen debate about the £80m stadium on Monday, when updated plans will be made public for the first time.


Good old Kop, I really miss you. I miss your spirit, jokes, sweating and alcoholic smell, loud noise, happy and funny songs. It's 10 years since your finale game, but you will never be forgotten. You`re never walk alone! I hope it was not Liverpool's final big game! After all these years I still wait for the team to be the really big champion as it was in the 70s and 80s. Time will show and my heart still beat for the club!

Watch glimpses from the last day on a video available on YouTube.


Stein Morten Lund, 8 May 2004


Additional information

Read more about Liverpool and the Kop on our website!


Article by Stephen Kelly Liverpool Supporter (Liverpool Echo): read his good stories about Liverpool F.C and the Kop. The Kop story -Stephen Kelly

Liverpool Echo: http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0500liverpoolfc

Liverpool Daily Post: http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk


The Beatles news: News Beatles

(the audience on the Kop song many Beatles songs in the 60s)

Memorial day 8 May:
The Hillsborough Memorial is situated at Liverpool FC's ground at Anfield. This page is intended as an alternative for fans who cannot visit the ground to pay their respects to the 96 fans who lost their lives following the disaster. The Hillsborough Memorial stands alongside the Shankly Gates at Anfield, and is always decorated with flowers and other tributes to the 96 fans listed above. At the centre of the memorial burns the eternal flame, signifying that they will never be forgotten. Click on the link: Liverpool Hillsborough memorial.

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