tour operators tanzania - mt kilimanjaro climbing tanzania - arusha tanzania
tour operators tanzania - mt kilimanjaro climbing tanzania - arusha tanzania

tour operators agents tanzania - mt kilimanjaro climbing tanzania
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Kilimanjaro - the pride of Africa

Moonshine trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro!
Suddenly I met the "wall". I gasped desperately for air, and had to sit down by the hillside. I took a couple of deep breaths. After a while I struggled up on my feet again.

I could barely walk any further. I followed the strong moonshine that illuminated the mountain in the darkness. In a more or less conscious condition I approached the top very slowly. But would my efforts be enough in this height and steep terrain?

As Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, rises majestically up in the sky. The highest peak Uhuru is 5895 metres.

Mt. Kilimanjaro can be compared with other high mountains as Mount Everest (Kathmandu), Mont Blanc (France), the Andes (Peru), Himalayan (Nepal), Elbrus (Caucasus, Russia), Acouncagua (Argentina) and Rwenzori (Uganda).But Mt. Kilimanjaro has its own unique charm with animals, volcanic top, craters and beautiful glaciers.

When the sun shines and the sky is clear, the glaciers on the top light up the peak. In its full pride you can see the mountain standing in vast open scenery. Look up for herds of eland on the saddle between the summits of Mawenzi and Kibo.

Routes to the top
Some of the routes to the top are Marangu, Machame, Umbwe, Rongai and Shira Plateau. Mweka route is only for descent. This is the story of how I climbed the mountain together with a small group of brave people.

Unique national parks
Tanzania is well covered by unique national parks as national parks as Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ngorongoro Crater), Terangire and Serengeti National Park. And one of the most interesting one is the national park of Kilimanjaro. The rainforest here is full of animals as leopards, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and monkeys.

In addition to Kilimanjaro National Park there are other UNESCO-sites in Tanzania: Ngorongoro Conservation Area (1979), Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Ruins of Songo Mnara (1981), Serengeti National Park (1981), Selous Game Reserve (1982), and Stone Town of Zanzibar (2000).

Ngorongoro Crater
Nowhere else on earth will you see wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and antelope in such enormous numbers. Tanzania's wide plains make viewing wildlife easy. This country has one of the world's largest game reserves. In addition it has also has one of the highest concentrations of elephant, buffalo, crocodile, hippo, hunting dog and chimpanzee.

The views from the 600m (1968ft) Ngorongoro Crater rim are spectacular when the sight is clear. When I descended down to the crater floor in July 2003, it was so foggy that I thought I wouldn't see anything this day, but when I finally reached the 20km (12.4mi)-wide floor the sight was clear. It's been compared to Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden. Here you find most kind of animals though it's said that the number have been reduced.

Tanzania's 100 or more different tribal groups are mostly of Bantu origin. Local Masai tribe people have grazing rights here, and you may well come across them taking care of their cattle. As we did on our tour, you can reach the crater by car or bus from Arusha(on the main highway).

Tanzania is East Africa's largest country. One of the attractions in Tanzania is the main city Dar es Salaam with a pulsating life.

Arusha National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tanzania and located ca. 30 kilometres from Arusha. Aside from the abundance of wildlife, fauna and flora there are three spectacular features; momella lakes, Meru Crater, and the Ngurdoto Crater. Both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru can be viewed from the park when the weather is fine.

Tanzania has several wonders to enjoy for real adventurers, but the biggest challenge is definitely Mt. Kilimanjaro. But take your time.....

Tribal groups
In Tanzania it lives more than 100 different colourful tribal groups. They are mostly of Bantu origin. The major non-Bantu people on the mainland are the Maasai who inhabit the northeastern section of the country. On the Zanzibar and Pemba Islands there is an Arab influence.

The people who live there are a mix of Shirazia (from Persia), Arabs, Comorians (from the Comoros Islands) and Bantu from the mainland. Activity vacations are offered all over Tanzania. These vacations may feature a balloon trip over the palins of the Serengeti.

Diving and snorkelling around Zanzibar, Mafia and the Pemba Channel. These are some of the best waters for diving in the Indian Ocean.

The surrounding coral hosts an impressive amount of colourful fish, such as hawksbill and sea turtles. Other activities are dolphin safaris and deep sea fishing.

There are large game fish in the waters around the Spice Islands such as bonitos, yellowfin tuna, barracudas, marlin, kingfisher, pelagics, billfish and sailfish.

Walking safaris or bird watching are available at most National Parks with bird watching also offered at Mafia Island in the Indian Ocean. Ready for action in Tanzania?

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Expediciones VILCA
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Facts about Tanzania:
Formal country name: United Republic of Tanzania
Area: 945090
Population: 33000000
Capital city: Dodoma
People: 99% native African (over 100 tribes), 1% Asian, European and Arabic
Languages: Swahili, English, indigenous.
Religion: 40% Christian, 35% Muslim, 20% indigenous beliefs
Government: Republic (multi-party state)

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