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The wonders of Peru

Discovery of Machu Picchu
Nearly 100 years after the American archaeologist, Hiram Bingham, set his foot here, I took my time to look around in the “last refuge of the Incas”. Machu Picchu in Peru got this name because the Spanish conquers never find the village high up in the mountains.

Connection with the Amazon jungle
Early in the morning the clouds lifted and the big wonder of a stone city became visible. By look deeper in to the details in the Inca ruins there is obvious that many things here are well connected with the Amazon jungle. It`s a region of tropical lowland, which is drained by the Maranon and Ucayali rivers.

The Amazon Basin, which occupies half of Peru, is one of the world's top 10 biodiversity “hot spots”.

The mysterious Nazca Lines (Nasca Lines)
One of the world’s greatest mysteries is the Nazca Lines. The spectacular Lineas de Nazca are giant drawings of animals and geometric figures in the desert sands of Pampa de San José near Nazca.

Believed to be created around 300-700 BC, these figures can only be viewed from the air.

Research work
Later in the evening I went to see Maria Reiche collegea Viktoria Nikitzki. She was a mysterious old woman who talked almost in trance.

Maria Reiche, also called "Lady of the Lines”. She has made it to her mission in life to reveal their secrets.

Other wonder in Peru
Other great wonders in Peru are Sillustani, Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Uro, floating islands, colourful tribes, Colca Canyon, Condors, the Cementery of Chauchilla, and animal life as the puma.

Isla Taquile, a 24km (15mi) passage from Puno, is an island in Lake Titicaca. Its inhabitants dress in traditional clothes, and speak Quechua.

Condors in Colca Canyon
The Colca Canyon, which is the world's deepest canyon, is a popular excursion from the city Arequipa. Here you can see the majestic Condors soar elegant in the air.

Trekking and mountaineering in Peru
Trekking and mountaineering are popular during the May to September dry season in the Andes.

Inca Trail
The most popular hike on the continent is the 33km (20mi) Inca Trail, west of Cuzco. Huaraz, north of Lima, is the climbing and trekking center of Peru and the site of Huascará, at 6768m (22,199ft) the highest mountain in the country.

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It`s a private Persian incoming agency. It's located in Shiraz under the license number 1/47026 issued by Iran Travel & Tourism Organization (ITTO). They organise a wide variety of tours for individuals as well as groups such as inbound historical, cultural, anthropology, mountaineering, trekking, adventure and natural excursion tours.

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Hvitserk is an Norwegian well-known tour operator and guiding company, specialised on climbing and trekking on high mountains around the world.

Over the years they have guided Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Brits, Dutch, Swiss, German, Austrians, Canadians, Americans, etc, on unique adventure tours, especially in Greenland.

Hvitserk has arranged several expeditions to the highest mountain in the entire Arctic: Gunnbjornsfjell - or HVITSERK as the Vikings named it.

The Hvitserk-guides have also more than 30 successful full Icecap crossings behind them, either with dogsleds, ski sails or by man hauling pulkas.

Some other tours, which have been very popular:
- Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
- Himalayan (Nepal) - Everest Base camp and Island Peak
- Elbrus (Caucasus)
- Acouncagua (Argentina)
- Rwenzori (Uganda)

They also offer exciting tours in Norway for climbing, glacier wandering and more

Presentation of the travel company VILCA Expediciones:
Expediciones VILCA
Santa Mónica Jose María Arguedas J 9, CUSCO - PERU

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