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Secrets of Norway

Norway has it all. Norway is the world’s most northern country. It’s a country of mountains, fjords (as Geiranger) and glaciers. During the ice age both the ice and the rivers carved deep valleys in the mountains.

Midnight Sun
As Norway is far north the summer evenings are light, and past the Arctic Circle the Midnight Sun shines during the summer nights.

Nature has thus offered us some of the most exotic and spectacular tourist attractions in the entire the world, for example Lofoten and Svaldbard.

The Sami culture in Norway
The Sami culture in Norway is unique. All the way north in Norway is Finnmark, where you will find the Sami(Laps). The Sami are considered the indigenous people of Norway and live according to customs and tradition much different from the Norwegians.

Tanahorn Peak is a steep mountain peak (270 metres above sea level), known as a former Sami place of sacrifice. It`s located at the mouth of Tanafjord, with a breath-taking view of the fishing grounds, the Tanafjorden, the Nordkinn peninsula and the mountain landscape.

Activity for real action
Activity vacations are offered all over Norway. These vacations may feature river rafting, diving, hiking, glacier tours, skiing, hunting, climbing, bicycling, fishing, horseback riding, boat tours, whale watching and swimming. A safaris is a good way to experience nature. Many Norwegian tour operators can give you good offers.

Animals - safaris
Animal sightseeing is available in different types of safaris, including moose, musk ox (moskus), whale, beaver, and eagle safaris.

Norway is also famous for the Vikings. They lived for thousand years ago, and were the best shipbuilders and sailors in the world at that time.

They ventured as far as Greenland, North America (Vinland) and other places around the world. The typical Viking warship, the “long ship,” had a high prow, adorned with the figure of an animal, and a high stern.

Svalbard is unique
Svalbard is an Arctic pearl in northern Norway. It covers a group of islands. The largest islands are Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet, Barentsøya, Edgeøya and Prins Karls Forland.

There are settlements in Longyearbyen (Norwegian administrative centre) 1,700 inhabitants, Barentsburg (Russian mining community) 900 inhabitants, Ny-Ålesund (Norwegian International research centre) 40 inhabitants, Sveagruva (Norwegian mining community) 210 commuters, Hornsund (Polish research station) 8 inhabitants. About 60% of Svalbard’s land-mass is covered by small and large glaciers. Only 6-7% of the land-area is covered by vegetation. The most fertile areas are in the inner fjord-regions of Spitsbergen.

Animal life on Svalbard
The Svalbard reindeer and the Arctic fox are found on most of the islands. A species of mouse, a vole, has found its way to the Isfjord area, most likely as stowaways on boats. The polar-bear is considered a maritime mammal as it spends most of its life on the drifting pack-ice. A large number can be found on the islands east of Spitsbergen.

You should be prepared to encounter a polar-bear wherever you are on Svalbard, so it could be an exciting experience to explore Svaldbard.

Peer Gynt, Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen
In Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen, you will find the beautiful area which inspired Henrik Ibsen to write his dramatic masterpiece, Peer Gynt! Most kind of activities and recreation can be experienced in a wonderful wilderness between Jotunheimen and Rondane.

Today, just as it was when Ibsen visited the area, Peer Gynt's Kingdom in Vinstra offers mystery, adventure and inspiration.

The world`s biggest footbal tournament
Norway is the host for the world’s biggest football tournament Norway Cup in the capital Oslo, and it’s also famous for arranging long and high famous ski jumps in Holmenkollen arena in the same city. Holmenkollen ski jump is still Norway’s most popular tourist attraction.

The Kon-Tiki Museum and Viking Museum in Oslo are also very popular. In the Kon-Tiki Museum you could see the famous raft Kon-Tiki Thor Heyerdahl hand his crew used.

Other tourist attractions
Tusenfryd amusement park and Kristiansand Zoo are on top of the Norwegian Tourist Board’s list of the 50 most visited attractions too.

The Vigeland park, also called the Frogner park, located in Oslo, is Norway's most visited attraction with over 1 million visitors each year. Here you can admire approximately 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943), who also designed the park.

Norwegian travel agents and operators offer various activities
Activity vacations are offered all over Norway. These vacations may feature river rafting, diving, hiking, glacier tours, cave tours, climbing, fishing, horseback riding, boat tours, elg (moose) safaris, moskus safaris, whale watching and swimming.

In the winter Norway offers something for everyone with skiing, dog sledding, sleigh rides and snow scooter safaris.

This is the action you ever have dreamed about!Ready for an unique adventure in Norway?

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Presentation of Pars Tourist Agency (P.T.A.), Iran
It`s a private Persian incoming agency. It's located in Shiraz under the license number 1/47026 issued by Iran Travel & Tourism Organization (ITTO). They organise a wide variety of tours for individuals as well as groups such as inbound historical, cultural, anthropology, mountaineering, trekking, adventure and natural excursion tours.

Presentation of the travel company Hvitserk:
Hvitserk is an Norwegian well-known tour operator and guiding company, specialised on climbing and trekking on high mountains around the world.

Over the years they have guided Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Brits, Dutch, Swiss, German, Austrians, Canadians, Americans, etc, on unique adventure tours, especially in Greenland.

Hvitserk has arranged several expeditions to the highest mountain in the entire Arctic: Gunnbjornsfjell - or HVITSERK as the Vikings named it.

The Hvitserk-guides have also more than 30 successful full Icecap crossings behind them, either with dogsleds, ski sails or by man hauling pulkas.

Some other tours, which have been very popular:
- Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
- Himalayan (Nepal) - Everest Base camp and Island Peak
- Elbrus (Caucasus)
- Acouncagua (Argentina)
- Rwenzori (Uganda)

They also offer exciting tours in Norway for climbing, glacier wandering and more

Presentation of the travel company VILCA Expediciones:
Expediciones VILCA
Santa Mónica Jose María Arguedas J 9, CUSCO - PERU

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