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Wonder of the world - cambodia

Angkor Wat is one of the most beautiful and mysterious historical sites in the world. It’s located over 192 miles from the North-West of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh.

It’s an experience for life time taking a boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, which is the gateway to Angkor. The site has been "protected" from tourism, and the customs and the cultures of the people living there have not changed much.

This ancient monument, also called the “8 wonder of world”, is located deep in the Cambodian jungle, and it hides big secrets. Angkor Wat and other temples are characterized by its splendour and perfection that have to be inspired from a universe that we don’t know.

The name Angkor
The name Angkor derives from the Sanskrit word “nagara”, which means “holy city”. Angkor Wat is not the oldest temple. Hagar Qim and other Neolithic temple on Malta, from 3800 year BC, are known as the oldest monuments in the world built by humans.

Angkor Wat is not the highest monument either, and can not compete with the Great Pyramid in Egypt, that rose 145.75 meter (has now lost 10 metres of its top). But Angkor Wat is definitely one of the largest and most beautiful monuments that ever have been built.

Red Khmer
Here conducted the mighty Red Khmer kingdom their strange rituals. Some of them are still a mystery. As more exploration scientists do, the mystery grows bigger. Angkor Wat is simply a miracle on earth! Angkor Wat became added to UNESCO`s United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation) list of World Heritages Sites in 1992.

Reliefs carved in stone on the walls of the temples provide a glimpse of daily life at Angkor. From the scenes depicted, it’s possible to understand something what people ate, what clothes they wore, dwellings, animals, flora and fauna and more.

For more detailed background information, read the book “Angkor” by Dawn F. Rooney. She has several books about the region’s culture, including Khmer Ceramics and Betel Chewing Traditions in Southeast Asia, as well as contributing articles to Oriental Art and other journals.

Floating village
Near the Angkor area and Siem Reap there is a floating village on the river, which is well worth to visit.

Phnom Penh
The capital Phnom Penh has several impressive wats (temple-monasteries), including Wat Ounalom (headquarters of the Cambodian Buddhist patriarchate), Wat Phnom (the hilltop pagoda that gave the city its name), and the newly painted Wat Lang Ka.

Silver Pagoda
The spectacular Silver Pagoda is one of the few places in Cambodia where you can admire artefacts of the Khmer culture, preserved by the Khmer Rouge. The National Museum is another highlight, which displays unique Khmer crafts.

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